Isn’t flat pack furniture designed to make assembly easy?

While flat pack furniture is designed to be assembled at home, unfortunately its harder than it looks:

  • Assumed knowledge – some manufacturer instructions assume a level of knowledge when it comes to the assembly of their products.  For example, some instructions assume people know the difference between right and wrong sides of furniture or the difference between two types of fixings.
  • Visualisation – While you have seen the finished product on showroom floor, it can be hard to visualise the end result in your own home or office.  Our team have had many years experience in the carpentry and cabinet making and are able to visualise the product instantly making assembly a lot easier and a lot less time consuming
  • Physical Size – the size and weight of some items may make it impractical for a do-it-yourself assembly.
  • Patience – Patience can easily be tested if you are unable to assemble the item easily, or have had to take it apart several times in order to correct a skipped step.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. We have bought a toy and its in pieces. Do you assemble toys? Yes.
Q. What happens if parts are missing? I can contact the supplier and arrange for them to be sent out
Q. How much room do you need to assemble my furniture? As a guide, around twice the area of the finished item laid flat.
Q. I’m at work most days. Do you assemble after hours? I can work in your home while you are at work, or after hours by special arrangement in particular circumstances
Q. Do you charge extra for evening or weekend appointments? Yes. Of course.
Q. We have new flooring. Will you protect it? Yes
Q. How do you estimate how long a job will take? From previous experience or an onsite inspection 
Q. Will you take away the packaging? Yes
Q. Will you clean up after yourselves? Yes
Q. I’ve had bad experiences with trades. Why should I trust you in my home? Over 30 years experience and many satisfied customers. References if in doubt
Q. Could you remove our old furniture? Yes. In most situations
Q. The instructions are in Cantonese. Can you still assemble? Huh?? Only joking, Yes.
Q. Shall we take the stuff out the box before you get here? If you promise not to lose anything. Where will you put it?
Q. Can I pay by card? Not at present. See the; How it works page.
Q. I have tried to assemble an item and failed. It’s now in bits on the floor. Can you help? Yes, not a problem if its all there.
Q. Can you make alterations to my furniture? Possibly. Need to see the situation
Q. I bought an item today. Can you assemble it today? Sometimes that’s possible. Ring me now and ask.
Q. We have booked you to assemble some outdoor furniture but it is raining heavily. Will you still assemble it? Do you have an under cover area? If not, probably not. 
Q. We have just had a dinning table delivered and need the legs to attach. Do you do jobs that small? Yes.
Q. The salesman at the store recommended you. Do you pay them commission? No. They recommend me as I do a good job which reflects well on them.